Sunnybet (SBET) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

World's Unique Betting Platform

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Status: ended
Public sale: 22 Mar`18-11 Apr`18
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About Sunnybet

Sunny Bet is a world’s first profit-sharing sports, cloud and social betting platform powered by unique and innovative bet types and supported by powerful rewards system. Specifically, Sunny Bet is a hybrid decentralised sports book platform built to combat the trust and integrity problems that exist in traditional online sports betting, while maintaining the capability to handle high volume concurrent sports bet traffic in real time.

Sunny Bet’s world-class sports book platform offers both the traditional fixed price sports betting together with our unique sports pari-mutuel and spread betting options. These products, combined with our powerful rewards and marketing engine, will see the Sunny Bet platform positioned as a market leader worldwide.

In addition to these products, Sunny Bet has a customer driven cloud-betting platform that puts the user in the driver’s seat where they can run their own books to ‘act as the house’ and offer bets to a friends, syndicates and much more. This is all supported by a social element that allows users to create unique markets, interact and chat with friends, and watch live games while discussing with friends in a dedicated private room.

Sunny Bet is a profit-sharing community where every user who holds Sunny Tokens will share a percentage of the net profit generated by the platform, this feature is truly unique within the online wagering space and is designed to build a strong and loyal wagering community.

Sunny Bet platform has been optimised to run on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.