Storecoin (STORE) ICO

updated 25 November 2018

Storecoin is a zero-fee, high-throughput, and decentralized cryptocurrency with a Governance of checks and balances.

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Status: upcoming
Public sale: TBA-TBA
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
Blockchain: Own blockchain
Offering type: Utility
Country: United States of America
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About Storecoin

Storecoin is a zero-fee, high-throughput, and decentralized cryptocurrency with a Governance of checks and balances.

Storecoin is taking on the global $21 Trillion market of debit card and credit card purchases by making payments zero-fee for merchants, developers, customers, and users.

Storecoin's native currency, STORE, uses a sustainable inflationary monetary policy to achieve zero-fee transactions for merchants, developers, and end users. Inflation is dynamically pegged to the number of tokens staked by dWorkers, who are in turn rewarded for contributing resources to the protocol's validation, governance, security, and scalability mechanisms. The rate of inflation grows proportionally to the growth of total value staked, reaching a hard cap at 51% of the circulating supply staked: at this limit, token inflation flatlines at 2% per year – or 20 Million STORE tokens. This 51% staked gives Storecoin high levels of security and Store-of-Value properties while enabling the blockchain to retain its zero-fee, programmable payments utility.

Storecoin strives to take the Web 3.0 ethos one step further, leveraging a unique on-chain governance model inspired by the U.S. Constitution's checks and balances system. This additional layer of trust and enforceability provides Storecoin with the necessary security and censorship resistance required to attract Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs-alike to build on its zero-fee, programmable payments platform.

The real-time state of economics and the pricing of security are determined on a block-by-block basis by its Dynamic Proof of Stake protocol (DyPoS).

To get distribution into cash registers, App Stores, and banking infrastructure around the world, Storecoin will cut distribution partners into its block reward. Instead of getting paid by transaction fees, they’ll get paid with STORE tokens.

Making p2p, programmable payments zero-fee while still generating revenue for its banking and financial partners is how Storecoin competes with VISA-like networks and beyond.