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Enabling the world to play the stock market! 

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About StockBet

StockBet Platform Software will introduce an open platform using blockchain technology and API to enable developers to easily and quickly build games and DApps (decentralized applications). It will also enable affiliates to acquire StockBet Plaftform tokens in exchange for player acquisition. For more information, please read the StockBet Technical White Paper.

What features, uses or attributes do StockBet Tokens have?

Currently, players can use StockBet.com's free "chips" digital currency to bet against each other for fun. However, losers can re-register to get more free "chips", which takes away the fun and meaning of winning for the winners. The StockBet Platform can potentially solve this problem by replacing the free "chips" with another digital currency that players cannot get more of by simply re-registering.

The StockBet Platform is the blockchain adopting the StockBet Platform Software. It will have its own digital, crypto currency (the "StockBet Platform Tokens").

There can be two types of tokens:

StockBet Tokens, which are ERC-20 compatible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and are being sold here;
StockBet Platform Tokens, which will be allocated to StockBet Token holders on a pro-rata basis, if and when the StockBet Platform Software is used to launch the StockBet Platform.
(This is the likely scenario as it is unlikely that Jenesis will use the Ethereum blockchain due to its scalability issues. If Jenesis uses the Ethereum blockchain and if the Stock Platform is launched, then the StockBet Tokens and the StockBet Platform Tokens will be one and the same.)

Essentially, Jenesis is selling tokens for buyers to use to play games.

Jenesis is building the StockBet Platform Software, but it may or may not configure and/or launch the StockBet Platform, depending on regulations and possible changes to the regulatory environment. Therefore, it is possible that the launch of a StockBet Platform may occur by Jenesis, by members of the community unrelated to Jenesis or by no one. Third parties launching the StockBet Platform may delete, modify or supplement the StockBet Platform Software prior to, during or after launching the StockBet Platform.