StasyQ ICO (SQoin) ICO

updated 14 March 2018

StasyQ brings crypto revolution to the adult industry.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 06 Apr`18-05 Jun`18
Cap: 20 000 ETH
Goal: No info
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What is StasyQ?

StasyQ – A unique platform with high-quality content of erotic nature, functioning since 2015. Its main advantage over other similar sites is the careful selection of professional and amateur models, publications of high-resolution video clips, photographs with correct exposure and exclusive author's style. Today, it is an incredibly popular resource, visited by 600,000-1,000,000 people worldwide every month.

Priority objectives of the project

• Create a unique platform for viewing and sharing erotic content, where models and producers receive income directly from users, bypassing payment services

• Ensure an equitable distribution of model/producer income and reduce transaction costs

• Increase the privacy and security of users by paying for viewing content in cryptocurrency

• Develop a solution for the implementation of calculations by cryptocurrency on sites with similar topics

StasyQ target audience and interested people

·     Lovers of beautiful eroticism

Magnificent locations, beautiful photos, chic models – the high-quality content of StasyQ will bring aesthetic pleasure to "gourmets" and connoisseurs of adult content. Users will be able to rate photos and videos, as well as vote for the next shooting location. The value of the vote will directly depend on the amount of cryptocurrency on the personal account. Users will also be able to communicate in live chats with models.

·     Professional models

Want to be a StasyGirl? The platform will destroy the principles established by decades, when the site takes the lion's share of profits. With the use of cryptocurrency, revenue will be shared fairly with the help of Smart Contract.

·     Webcam models

Join the StasyQ platform and become a StasyLiveStar model! Your income will be distributed on a fair and transparent basis.

·     People needing privacy

For those who want to stay in the shadows and hide their tastes, the platform will implement payments cryptocurrency, which will ensure the anonymity of payment information. And no one can know about your hobbies.

·     Producers

Producers with their own and unique content will be able to upload their models' videos to the platform. StasyQ moderators will only allow the best- and highest-quality content that meet the StasyQ requirements. Producer will receive payment through a smart contract.

·     Third-party sites and content providers

Third-party sites with similar content will be able to connect the ready-made solution to their platform, which will provide all the same benefits as StasyQ.

Types of content on StasyQ platform

Content will be divided into the following sections and grouped according to thematic categories:


·     Professional content - already available

Videos shot on a professional camera in 4K resolution. This is expensive to produce content: a certain budget is planned for such type of shooting, professionals are involved, and special equipment is used.


·     Virtual reality - already available

The viewer can be right next to the model, wearing VR glasses. Video in this format will give bright sensations and unique emotions. The availability of such content on the platform allows StasyQ to stand out in the market of the adult industry and attract a large audience.


·     Interviews with models - already available

For many users, it is interesting not only to watch photos and videos with the participation of pretty girls, but also to know their personality better. On the platform, a separate section has already been created, where the models share with the audience their dreams, fantasies, impressions of filming, favorite shots and plans for the future. Many girls are quite popular on social networks. Demonstrating their intelligence, they collect thousands of subscribers from all over the world. "Interview" section on StasyQ allows models to significantly expand their fanbase.


·     Amateur content

Usually, this video format is filmed with smartphone by

the models themselves. Why is this genre so popular? Videos allow you to feel the familiar everyday atmosphere, open up the curtain over the hidden and spicy. They are popular due to lack of financial expenses for video operator services, studio rent, and use of professional equipment. If earlier viewers wished only professional content, today this need has significantly decreased. Just look on the popularity of Instagram accounts of girls, the main content of which is amateur photos and videos with barely covered parts of the body. Profiles of emancipated girls are often blocked. Thus, models lose popularity and income. StasyQ will unite connoisseurs of quality eroticism and models that want to receive a stable high income.


·     Live broadcast

Live broadcasts gained popularity, thanks to Periscope

and Instagram. Every minute, millions of users watch each other in real time. These resources have certain rules and limitations, especially concerning erotic content. We will give beautiful girls the opportunity to earn money by conducting live broadcasts on the StasyQ platform.