Squeezer (SQZR) ICO

updated 22 February 2018

Squeezer is a platform that helps software developers to build apps easily without tackling the entire blockchain infrastructure

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Status: ended
Public sale: 02 Apr`18-31 May`18
Cap: 30 800 000 USD
Goal: 385 000 USD
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about Squeezer

Squeezer brings the microservices technology to blockchain technology. This move fixes the scaling issues and adjusts the stack to fit within the blockchain flexibility. Squeezer are building so called connectors which make the blockchain more friendly to developers and provide instant access to the blockchains data assets. Imagine that you want to save a list with employee descriptions to the blockchain and retrieve the data when required. In the current technology ecosystem it is a basic implementation that is easy to achieve however storing and retrieving data from a blockchain is different from a typical database and requires a lot of extra steps to achieve it. Squeezer will help you to do this quicker and without any extra effort so that you can focus more on your actual business processes.



Squeezer is a platform that helps software developers build apps easily without tackling the entire blockchain infrastructure. It is also a powerful tool for providing high-quality blockchain software components to large enterprise organizations. Squeezer uses world-class microservices platforms, such as AWS Lambda, Google Functions, and Azure Functions.


The world's first software development platform offering microservices for the blockchain.


Amazing project with huge potential. It is just a mattter of time untill it will start to flourish at its' best!


This is an amazing project with great potential as Tia has already mentioned. Great hard working team, talented and going that extra mile to able to deliver the best results!