updated 31 October 2017

Disrupting Venture Capital with the Blockchain

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Status: ended
Start: 28 November 2017
End: 31 December 2017
Cap: No info
Goal: 100 000 000 USD
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Disrupting Venture Capital with the Blockchain

The biggest limitation of VC funds is their illiquidity. Until now investing in a VC fund meant “freezing” your money for 7-10 years. For that reason, investing in the most exciting (and risky) stage of tech startups was blocked for most private investors, and even financial institutions could only dedicate a fraction of investments to it. SPiCE VC is eliminating the illiquidity problem by issuing digital security tokens to its investors, which are tradable from day one. The tokens are regulation-compliant, and will entitle holders to 100% of net exits, just like traditional VC funds - only liquid.


The story of SPiCE actually started as a traditional VC fund, with a gap we identified in the tech investment market. A gap that would allow us to invest in amazing startups, just before the market realizes how great they are, and their value increases with a series A funding round, or more recently, with an ICO. We found that if we focus only on the startups in the gap that are most likely to reach the relevant milestones for an A-round or an ICO within 12-18 months, we could fund them at the right moment, help them secure that next financing event, and increase their valuation by 3-5x in a relatively short time.

Revolutionise the way venture capital is raised

From the world of Blockchain we bring: Making VC investments liquid: no more 7-10 year lockups. Making VC investments inclusive: opening up to pre-qualified investors (per country regulations), investing in fiat or cryptocurrencies. A powerful model for investing in pre token sale startups, with VC-grade due diligence, and getting the best terms in the token sales. From the world of Venture Capital we bring: Robust investment process and due diligence by a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs. Diversification outside crypto, into equity investments across the hottest tech sectors such as AI, AR/VR, IoT, cyber security, etc. Backing tokens by assets, shielding them from market volatility.

How SPiCE VC is planning to achieve liquidity

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