Spacoin roadmap

updated 01 January 2018

First Coin In The World Of Spa

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Status: ended
Public sale: 12 Dec`17-25 Dec`17
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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  • 2015

    Spa Foundation brand was officially founded Different Spa Foundation branches were established nationwide

  • 2017

    Various Spa Foundation branches were established in Cambodia Various Spa Foundation branches were established in Laos Spa Foundation owns 30 modern premises and is the biggest Spa chain in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia The 30th Spa Foundation branch was established Crowdsale period commences

  • Quarter 1, 2018

    Release Spa Applications, including: reservations, meeting bookings with beauty technicians, alarm setting, heath information, reviews on the services quality of every Spa or of every beauty care technician, dentists, on cosmetics, etc. Developing Spa Foundation chain in Southeast Asia including Spa, Dentistry, Cosmetic at the minimum pace of 01 new premise every month

  • Quarter 2, 2018

    Token will be transformed to coin. New wallet is launched

  • Quarter 3, 2018

    Allowing investors to invest in newly established Spa in order for them to become shareholders

  • Quarter 4, 2018

    Accomplishing the establishment of 20 fully – owned and 30 joint Spa facilities in Southeast Asia. Spa Foundation will be set-up at all the Southeast Asian countries, estimated at least 01 premise per country

  • 2019

    55 Spa Foundation branches are established across Southeast Asia

  • 2022

    Covering Asian market with 70 Spa Foundation Branches in 12 countries