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Blockchain Option for Industrial soy production 

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About SoyCoin

The project of realization investment financial a blockchain product - the derivative of SoyCoin (SYC) unites in itself advanced technologies in the sphere of finance and hi-tech industrial complexes on processing of soybeans. Main objective of the project is creation of the large international Agro-Holding which is engaged in processing worldwide and sale of ALL types of the clean agricultural production which isn't containing "GMO"! Construction worldwide of network of effective modern hi-tech industrial complexes, on processing of clean not containing "GMO" of soybeans and production of high-quality products will be the first stage.

Construction of the first three plants is planned in Kazakhstan, China and Japan (changes are possible). Fund raising is divided into two pools, the first pool is calculated on construction of the plant in Kazakhstan, the second pool is calculated on construction of the plants in China and Japan. After fund raising will be created "The Swiss head company" which will be the owner of all assets.
The created factories are unique regarding application new technologies, as in the production of the main ready-made finished products, and in use of production wastes and receiving additional products, such as Biogas and Fodder proteins. All created the enterprise will be ecologically clean and high-tech manufactures.

At the same time at the expense of almost free electricity received when processing waste on the basis of the plants will be launched mining farms which will allow to get not only additional profit will be started, but also in addition to make a contribution to development of infrastructure of the cryptocurrency industry and ensuring high speed of carrying out transaction.

The decentralized direct investments in the project will be carried out through purchase of the option SoyCoin (SYC). Their "decentralization" has to provide independence of implementation of the project of injection of the state and large companies.

Construction of the first plant in Kazakhstan fully complies corresponds to the state industry programs adopted by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The SoyCoin financial instrument will be launched on the Waves and Ethereum blockchain platform.