Sovrin ICO

updated 27 November 2018

Permanent Digital Identities that Don’t Require a Central Authority

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About Sovrin

Sovrin is a persistent digital identity platform that does not need Central Authority.

The problem that we solve.

In the real world, our identities are proved with the use of physical documents, such as ID cards, drivers licenses, and passports. However, on the web, the only way to verify your identity is by using a password-login pare that can easily be stolen, compromising your privacy and security.


Sovrin is a permanent decentralized secure self-sovereign identity, meaning that it is an online identity that can be acquired by anyone or anything and one that does not require centralized regulation. It is entirely secure, can’t be stolen or compromised and can be used in an array of situations.



I believe Sovrin has enough hype and tech to be a leading project in ID verification and is better than Ontology. Sovrin is a non-profit project, being backed up Outlier Ventures. I will keep a close eye on it and will probably refer to the experts at to find out more.