Soundeon roadmap

updated 23 July 2018

Soundeon – a pioneering decentralized and vertically integrated music platform that covers all aspects of the music industry.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 27 Jun`18-15 Oct`18
Cap: 3 000 000 USD
Goal: 37 000 000 USD
Price: 1 Soundeon = 0.056923 USD
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  • Idea originates

    Old ways lose their savor in the ever-changing world and the music industry requires new solutions as well.

  • Pre-seed investment round

    Securing a pre-seed investment round (US$ 600,000) from a Singaporean venture fund

  • Platform alpha version launch

    Alpha version released

  • Soundeon Token Sale

    Soundeon Token is a vital utility tool used to align economic incentives amongst platform participants.

  • Beta version launch

    New features in Alpha version will be implemented

  • Token Sale for all users launch

    An opportunity for artists to launch Token Sales and finance personal projects through the support of the Soundeon community.

  • Full compliance with regulations Soundeon Exchange

    A tool where everyone can buy or sell their royalty income with an opportunity to create diversified personal music royalty portfolio.

  • Soundeon Tix layer beta version launch

    Soundeon’s smart ticketing platform is natively embedded on the Soundeon environment.

  • Soundeon Monitor launch

    It will become possible for artists and pledged fans to easily track all royalty streams and other revenues, including ticketing income.

  • Soundeon worldwide expansion

    Fully working platform Worldwide Expansion

  • Soundeon Protocol launch for External Services

    Protocols are designed to cover selected areas of business and build from bottom up.