Sorgin (SwecCoin) ICO

updated 13 July 2018

Investments in the Real Sector of the Economy

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Status: ended
Public sale: 30 May`18-30 Jul`18
Cap: 18 000
Goal: 5 000
Price: 1 SwecCoin = 0.025 USD
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About Sorgin

Sorgin benefits:

  • universal complex for promotion of natural plant growth;
  • the price is at least 4 times lower than similar products;
  • purchasers in Europe and Asia. Agreement on supplying SORGIN for the cultivation of arable land area of about 500,000 hectares;
  • soft agrochemicals market entry strategy;
  • optimum dose depending on climatic conditions of the region;
  • the product is completely harmless for humans and animals;
  • does not interact with other agrochemicals;
  • contains no harmful chemicals;
  • we have our own pilot production; o rapid expansion of production.