updated 01 January 2018

Earn with your data

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Public sale: 16 Apr`18-21 Apr`18
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Consumers are currently the cash cows of the advertising industry.

Data is collected and processed in countless places with and without the consumers’s knowledge.

CONSUMERS supply their data; but they do not get any compensation or rewarding.

SOOLOOX will change this with the SOOLOOX platform.

We will enable consumers to make money with their data!

SOOLOOX Platform

The basis for the platform is the - Interest Dimension & Transaction-Box - we call it - IDTX. It may be the beginning of a revolution in the advertising and online marketing market.

Interests are regularly the starting point of the demand for products or services of all kinds. These interests are made available as leads* for suppliers with the help of IDTX.

*A lead is the successful contact initiation of a product or service supplier to a potential customer.

The platform participants can take on different roles at the same time.

Users, in the role of a customer, earn money with their leads (interest-lead).
Users in the role of a vendor can buy these leads and convert them to purchase agreements (transaction leads) - i.e. faster and less expensive sales.

The IDTX enables the "matching" of interests and product offers, thus becoming a tool that satisfies the needs of CONSUMERS and COMPANIES.<br><br>From Classic marketing to disruptive marketing!