Solidified team

updated 06 August 2018

Screening Platform For Smart Contracts

Token sale info
Status: ongoing
Start: 23 July 2018
End: 23 October 2018
Cap: 36 000 ETH
(10 271 880 USD)
Goal: 36 000 ETH
(10 271 880 USD)
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    Eduard Kotysh
    Founder & CEO
    Robert Hohman
    Business Adviser
    Rob Hitchens
    Founding Adviser
    Alexander Rysenko
    Director of Engineering
    Rob Stone
    Head of Design
    Joao Carvalho
    Smart Contract Developer
    Nick Munoz-McDonald
    Audit Expert, Researcher
    Adam Kolar
    Audit Expert, Researcher
    Illia Tokarenko
    Full Stack Engineer
    Tammo Mamedi
    Communications Strategist
    Ulrike Gregor
    PR Director
    Carlos Essus
    PR Manager