updated 06 December 2018

Decentralized Drone Platform

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Status: ended
Public sale: 19 Nov`18-19 Dec`18
Cap: 19 500 000 USD
Goal: No info
Price: 1 SKYM = 0.2 USD
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About SOAR

Soar is a decentralised platform for high-quality drone content that connects customers with content creators in a secure, trustless and distributed blockchain community.

The first stage of the implementation of Soar will be the creation of a marketplace for drone content including still images, video, aerial maps and other specialist drone content. The Soar marketplace will allow drone operators to upload and sell content to other Soar users anywhere in the world. The Soar marketplace has the potential to allow an exponential increase in the value of mapping data and drone content by realising the untapped financial potential of existing drone content. Furthermore, by securing the integrity of drone content metadata via smart contracts, Soar automatically and transparently publishes the location, time and equipment type used to capture content onto the blockchain. The use of blockchain technology validates the authenticity of the footage to ensure the integrity of drone content and fight the problems such as ‘fake news’.

However, this is not the end-game. Progressively, by aggregating the content collected from thousands of drone operators, Soar will in due course create a dynamic database for the world’s first super-map at an unprecedented level of detail. All connected using blockchain technology to share data.