updated 13 July 2018

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Mar`18-30 Jun`18
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
Price: 1 SNBL = 0.00087 USD
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About SNBL

We as a business operator establish the Snowball project, aiming to snowball(=continuously increase) the assets of members who invest in the project. The Snowball is a new crypto currency that we will produce, basing on Ethereum. The snowball project will distribute this new crypto currency all over the world and raise its value hundreds of times. As a result, all our investors will build up great assets and attain true wealth.

Game Limited is a startup company that provides various softwares and security systems on the international markets. In order to develop the best softwares in the AI field, we work together with users and clients. We have developed a number of softwares such as Metigy, Astro, H20, Braina, and Affective. We have pioneered large markets in Southeast Asia and now promote our products in the Far East (Northeast Asia, East Asia) and beyond. The Japanese market in particular we will focus on in the future.

We have been involved in various internet business projects such as website development until now. We are now ongoing to start the Snowball coin project. Our mission is to make every owner of the Snowball coin happy. Everyone establishes the snowball life and enriches their mind and body. This is our goal.

In order to improve quality of life, we will engage in all kinds of business that is related to living, such as entertainment business, sales, money transaction, and online gaming. We created our company so that you would lead a pleasant and enjoyable life with your family.