Smartlands (SLT) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

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Status: ended
Public sale: 02 Nov`17-20 Nov`17
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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About Smartlands

  1. Development of smart contracts/customizations of tokens on Stellar placed on the platform with the logic optimal for each type of ABT, and all the necessary functionality, including extensive opportunities for democratic organization principles, to ensure maximum control over assets. Support and update if necessary and approved by the tokenholders.
  2. Software development, which provides the most convenient way to obtain all the necessary information for the decision making for each of the parties (the owner of the asset and the investor), including automation solutions.
  3.  Definition of rules for legal structures of each type of ABT, which protect the interests of investors and minimize any legal risks. Ensuring the mandatory implementation of decisions made by the tokenholders.
  4. Setting up of rules for technical inspections of assets before and after tokenization, the creation of the infrastructure necessary for this, including representative offices of the Platform in all key markets with the necessary equipment (drones, ground unmanned complexes, laboratory equipment, etc.) and personnel. It is possible to outsource part of the checks in case of compliance of the companies with all requirements of the Platform.
  5. Monitoring of token dynamics, identification and prevention of negative events, illegal actions against tokens holders.
  6. Advising in solving problems and conflicts, the establishment of an arbitration chamber that resolves conflicts in the event of the request and consent of both parties to take such decisions as binding.
  7. Introduction of new types of ABTs
  8. Marketing and expository activities about the advantages of ABTs issued on the Smartlands platform, both among asset owners and investors.
  9. Cooperation with state bodies responsible for regulating the securities market to explain the benefits of asset tokenization and distributed control offered by blockchain technology. Advocating the idea of minimizing the regulation of such a market by the relevant central authorities for ABTs issued with enhanced monitoring and democratic organization capabilities.