Sintez (SINT) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

We synthesize the future!

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Status: ended
Public sale: 17 Mar`18-17 Apr`18
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About Sintez

SINTEZ is a revolutionary decentralized blockchain platform of the future economy, combining traditional and innovative mechanisms for building economic relations and modern methods of ensuring security.

Our mission is the synthesis of maximum convenience, safety, quality, efficiency and productivity of the new generation and, as a result, a new level of development of the global digital economy.

Our project is a unique solution that includes 2 key know-how:

  1. The digital currency COIN, which is completely decentralized and, by virtue of its technology, always remains as stable and liquid as possible.
  2. Smart Investment is a component of SINTEZ, which allows (unlike existing and emerging platforms) to flexibly and accurately identify the needs of the investor and most effectively implement without having to choose the strategies and managers yourself! It also will be interested for traders (private, management companies, funds, banks) to attract capital to management. Smart Investment implies the creation of a market for professional management services.

Main advantages of the platform:

    Any form of economic relations within the framework of a single Global Digital Platform.

    Mutual improvement and efficiency growth of SINTEZ instruments due to their integration.

    Clear and transparent user interface. All tools are always at hand.

    Simplicity, speed, productivity and maximum liquidity.

    Decentralization, encryption and transparency of all operations.