Siglo (SGL) ICO

updated 11 December 2018

The Blockchain Protocol for Digital & Financial Inclusion

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Price: 1 SGL = TBD BTC
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Siglo provides access to mobile networks in emerging markets by democratizing the monetization of the internet. 

The Siglo token is the currency for access and the value of one’s interactions.

Value Proposition

Siglo facilitates digital and financial inclusion in emerging markets by creating an ecosystem of users and decentralized applications that use its protocol to accrue value and exchange it for increased mobile access and other goods and services. Internet platforms monetize the consumer engagement and data for more than $100 billion a year. In Siglo, users accumulate this value by choosing to share their attention and anonymized interactions, and then exchange it for mobile connectivity in the form of airtime top-ups with mobile operators. Globally, 72% of cellphones use prepaid airtime to stay connected. Siglo has already brought on existing applications and an extensive user base.

Use Cases

The Siglo protocol will facilitate transactions between stakeholders: users who want a secure and private way to monetize their interactions, brands who wish to sponsor these users’ connectivity, developers who want engaged users in under-connected markets, and providers like mobile operators. Over 70% of the worlds’ mobile phones are prepaid and individuals in emerging markets struggle to have consistent connectivity, largely due to the high cost. On the other side, brands and other entities are willing to become sponsors of an increased connectivity in exchange for user attention or anonymized consumer insights or surveys. The first app to use the protocol from day one is called, currently operating in Latin America with a million registered users who earn reward coins and spend them on airtime top-ups and other digital or offline products. Most of these users have never had a traditional bank account or performed a mobile financial transaction before. The Siglo Protocol will be open to any application or business model built around these basic elements of inclusion, connectivity, and an entity seeking to sponsor access for a group of users.