ShareRing (SHR) ICO

updated 28 March 2018

The world’s first trusted token for sharing services. One way to pay for sharing everything, no matter what it is or where you are.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 04 Jun`18-04 Jul`18
Cap: 38 000 000 USD
Goal: 38 000 000 USD
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ShareRing is an on-demand platform that centralizes the highly fragmented sharing economy by bringing together sharing services across all industries and geographies. Using our decentralized marketplace, users can securely access, connect, and pay for services anywhere in the world. We’re developing an ecosystem that is essentially the Amazon for the sharing economy.

ShareRing will operate through a dual token system. ShareToken (SHR) will be the digital utility token that drives sharing transactions on the company’s own blockchain – ShareLedger. ShareToken will be the incentive that drives the LPOS consensus and will be a tradable token. SharePay (SHRP) will be the second currency in the ShareRing ecosystem and be used for everyday transactions on the platform. The value of SHRP will be directly linked to fiat, enabling users to receive stable payments that can seamlessly convert to fiat. No need to worry about exchange fees or volatile market conditions devaluing your tokens when you need it as income; we have a great ecosystem planned for the sharing economy benefitting everybody.   



If ShareRing can deliver what they're setting out to do, this may very well be an excellent investment. The bringing together of all the vastly spread, disconnected entities that are evolved in the share economy into the one simple app, would be amazing. Plus being first cab off the rank to consider this is a huge bonus. The foundation is already partially laid with the team and founders already involved and running a top tier sharing company with many larger companies, plus, it appears via their announcements, Sharering has already partnered with some large established global businesses. Looks promising.


Key points that makes this an impressive ICO:

- Well-established founder, management and advisory team, ICO leverages existing profitable product built by the founder including relationships in the car sharing segment

- New blockchain which has been designed and is-being built with well-established, but not bleeding-edge, mechanisms (leased POS concensus) which adequately incentivise network efficiency and diversity

- token holders can stake their tokens to full nodes in the POS network to earn more tokens

- sensible dual token system (one for fiat conversions and the other for operation of the network)

- disintermediation of the sharing economy is a huge opportunity worldwide and should result in end users and asset suppliers both getting a better deal due to the low network fees

- rollout plan that includes substantial funds to drive the development of the ecosystem in different locations around the world

- attractive unique benefits of a single global platform -- users have a single worldwide ID for hiring and reputation and access to assets from anywhere in the world -- asset owners benefit from increased opportunities to rent their assets -- and both users and renters benefit from a single, low-fee global payment system


Simply AMAZING!!! With Partnerships already in place and more to follow ShareRing may turn out to be your best investment of 2018