ShareMe Music (ShareMeMusicToken) ICO

updated 17 July 2018

ShareMe Music is a USA Based and legal music platform that is launching a true utility token that will be used as in platform currency.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 21 May`18-31 Jul`18
Cap: 23,425,000 BTC
(261168.91 USD)
Goal: 150,000 USD
Price: 1 ShareMeMusicToken = 0.10 USD
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ShareMe Music Marries the Love of Music w/ Crypto

We are a USA based company fully legal and compliant as a true utility token. The token will be used as in platform currency on our Music Platform, ShareMe Music. It will be used to pay Artist royalities, fan commissions, pay for music, events and merchandise. We will have an auction style peer to peer marketplace to bridge the gap for new crypto users as well as be listed to external exchanged for more advanced traders.


You can see our token sale website at and our working proof of concept/online radio at 


Our friends and family round is now active.10 final round of token sale will be at .40 and we will have a minimum value on the platform of .50 for at least the first 30 days. Full Token Sale will begin in July.