Shard Coin (Shard) ICO

updated 26 March 2018

Shard is a new proof-of-stake (PoS) cryptocurrency launched with the purpose to provide easy access to investing in cryptocurrency.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 26 Mar`18-24 Apr`18
Cap: 12 000 ETH
(1 671 360 USD)
Goal: 5 500 ETH
(766 040 USD)
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About Shard

Shard is a new proof-of-stake (PoS) cryptocurrency launched with the purpose to provide easy access to investing in the wider cryptocurrency area, without the knowledge or time required to do so.

Shard aims to be a secure and stable store of value for Shard holders, supported by the Shard Investment Fund. Shard holders gain access to the benefits of investing in an array of propitious cryptocurrencies, without the difficulty of doing so. Such as having to download, sync, and secure multiple wallets; or spend large amounts of time reading charts and coin offerings.

It should be noted that Shard is designed to be a fully fledged cryptocurrency in its own right, the Shard Investment Fund is just one of its many attributes. You will not be required to lock-up or deposit your Shards to take part, simply hold them in your wallet.

Shard Investment Fund (SIF)

The Shard Investment Fund (SIF) has the sole purpose to support the value of Shard through its cryptocurrency reserves. This means that Shard is a crypto-asset-backed cryptocurrency. As a holder of Shards you will directly benefit from this through the resulting effect on the market value of Shard. We believe that transparency of the SIF reserves is of utmost importance, therefore they will be detailed in a monthly report on the official website.

Where the SIF Reserves Come From

The Shard Investment Fund will initially be raised from 70% of the proceeds from the Shard pre-sale. Thereby giving direct reserves of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin from the outset.

Continuing contributions to the SIF will be made through the Shard PoS block reward split. 80% is rewarded directly to the staker, the other 20% is assigned to the SIF to benefit all Shard holders.

We have planned multiple future projects directly related to Shard, and a portion of the revenue generated by these will be contributed to the SIF.

The three Key functions of the Shard Investment Fund

1. To grow the cryptocurrency reserves; through investing in undervalued established cryptocurrencies and promising new coin launches.

2. To provide price stability and liquidity by purchasing Shard using realised profits via exchanges.

3. To reduce inflation by burning excess Shard held in the SIF reserves.