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updated 01 January 2018

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Status: ended
Public sale: 21 Sep`17-20 Nov`17
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SGA Consulting

About SGA Consulting

SGA Consulting services – innovative, fully automated service providing trade recommendations for opening/closing positions on the financial markets with for profit clients.

Innovation services identified the following factors:

  1. The mechanism of profit by the customer. The client should only follow strictly the resulting trade recommendations.
  2. The minimum requirements to become a client of the SGA. The client does not need to possess any knowledge on the financial markets trading, have some skills and experience. There is no dependence on gender, age, work profession, education, and other factors. It is only necessary to have free money and mobile phone to become a client of SGA and to use the service in full.
  3. The minimum necessary for the work time. Requires only a few minutes by opening and closing positions in financial markets according to the received shopping recommendations.
  4. Yield. The lack of options for obtaining the same profit return ratio required resources and time.
  5. The minimum risk. The service is completely automatic on-line and continually analyzes the situation in the financial markets and open customer positions. The complete absence of the human factor. Conducted deep and detailed tests of the service in real time and on historical data of financial markets, especially in times of significant fluctuations on various tradable instruments.
  6. Reliability. Use of blockchain technologies in the SGA service allows you to evaluate the history of generated trading recommendations.

Personal area

For clients, a convenient personal cabinet has been developed in which you can get acquainted with trade recommendations, subscribe, and pay for it online, and also get acquainted with the news of the service.

Service packages

To get acquainted with the service there is a package DEMO, within which the client can get 7 recommendations for input / output and evaluate their quality. Paid subscription packages include individual tariffs for VIP customers.


For the convenience of monitoring the financial indicators in the personal account, the "Portfolio" section is implemented, in which the client can see the results on open positions online.

Trading recommendations

All trading recommendations are provided in the most convenient form, so that the client can understand them without having professional knowledge. All you need to do is call your broker and read the text from the trade recommendation.