Send (SDT) (SDT) ICO

updated 15 November 2018

Send (SDT) is a consensus price token designed for everyday use and supported by a fully-functional platform from day one.

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Status: upcoming
Public sale: TBA-TBA
Cap: 21,000,000 USD
Goal: 21 000 000 USD
Price: 1 SDT = 0.20 USD
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Send (SDT)

Send (SDT) is a consensus price token designed for everyday use. A transparent liquidity formula and price consensus mechanism enable price stability during fixed consensus periods and predictable growth based on use.

Send (SDT) has a multitude of potential use-cases. It will first be integrated by WeSend where it will serve as a reliable medium of exchange, enabling millions of migrants to efficiently, securely send money worldwide without intermediaries. WeSend is a live, beta-tested and fully-functional marketplace for global P2P exchange. 

SDT solves exchange fluctuations and high volatility and can be used by individuals, institutions, and apps seeking to store, transfer or exchange any form of value securely and without volatility. Network transparency, price stability, and the well-known ERC20 standard create a healthy environment for the development of new applications to support value transfer and storage. 

A year-long token distribution will help distribute tokens to new end users and scale the Send Consensus Network globally.