updated 25 October 2018 is an operationally ready cryptocurrency mining solution in the Netherlands.

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Status: ended
Presale: 04 Aug`18-26 Sep`18
Public sale: 27 Sep`18-30 Nov`18
Cap: 55 000 000 USD
Goal: 3 000 000 USD
Price: 1 SRXIO = 1 USD
Blockchain: Ethereum
Offering type: Utility
Country: Netherlands
Find out more is a blockchain technology company specialising in mining cryptocurrency with a highly scalable mining location in the Netherlands. Through its asset-backed SRXIO token, Securix is lowering the barriers to entry for cryptocurrency investors—while helping token holders earn passive income through an innovative monthly gross revenue sharing business model

Our mining location in the Netherlands

The factory is over 10,500 square feet, three stories high, and large enough to house 24,000 mining units. With all of this infrastructure, Securix will be able to mine up to 24.5 Bitcoin on a daily basis.


What are investors investing in?
Most tokens have no real value outside an exchange. Even then value only declines.
Our asset-backed token is unique, generating a monthly passive income in crypto from our mining operations. Regardless of whether the price of Bitcoin goes up or down!
With our token, you don’t need to worry about market volatility as investor funds are contributing to our mining operation in the Netherlands with tangible assets.


How significant is the Monthly world Mining revenue?

The monthly worldwide mining revenue was last month 455,000,000 USD


Honest and transparent business model

45% gross revenue share pro-rata among our token holder, each month by smart contract. Gross revenue offers a great reliability on ROI, no cost reductions.

When the bitcoin price increases, the output per token increases with it. If the Bitcoin price decreases, our output decreases with it.

Company reserve hedging investors risk

We have a company reserve fund that will ensure mining can continue—even if the price of Bitcoin suffers substantial fluctuations.


Our asset backed token, token listing

Our token (SRXIO) price is set at USD 1.00.USD up to 0.85 cents per token will be used to purchase mining hardware and electrical infrastructure upgrades.
Our token will be listed on an exchange after the crows sale.
We strive for a healthy balance between cost and volume.


Our investment strategy

Each month we spend 10% of our gross revenue in order to Increase output per token

and to increase our token value.

  • We are buying back our tokens from the market and burn them, this will decrease the token pool.

  • We are buying new mining hardware and improving our facility.


Our green energy purchase without intermediaries

  • At securix responsibility and profitability go hand in hand

  • Securix buys directly from the green generator through our EAN-2-EAN platform

  • The platform allows us to cut out the intermediary (energy trade market)

  • We are buying all their excess produced energy at very competitive pricing


The Netherlands and our Head office in Dubai

With our offices in the Netherlands and Dubai, we can offer investors a more local approach to investing in our company. With our head office in Dubai, we have geographically advantage in the Middle and the Far East.


Why is Securix having a public crowd sale, soft cap reached

The more tokens we sell, the more mining machines we can install.

Our hard cap, 43,500,000 USD in tokens and based on our facility capable infrastructure. We started our private pre-sell on August 4th, up until now, September 8th,  we sold more than 3,100,000 Tokens.
Our public ICO is launching on September 27th. Our goal is to hit our hard cap to maximize output per token for everyone.


Our token is unique, generating a monthly passive income from our mining operations. Regardless of whether the price of Bitcoin goes up or down!

Tangible assets cover our token value from our mining operation.




A new day, a new scam. Another ambitious group of frauds trying to copycat another shitty ICO. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you - Securix ICO!