Secure Donation Token (PreICO) (XSD) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

The Way Of Fast And Secure Giving

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Mar`18-30 Apr`18
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Secure Donation Token (PreICO)

About Secure Donation Token

Secure Donation Token (XSD) is a new generation digital currency that aims people donate or get donation in a fast and secure way. Artists, graphic designers, web developers, charities or any laborers can get donation using Secure Donation Token.

We are an ambitious team of highly skilled professionals. Our goal is making easy of donation process for both the donator and the charity with a new generation digital currency, new generation donation platform, donation App and user friendly plugins.

Usual ways of donating leave much space for uncertainty but with using Secure Donation Token, you can be sure that your donation is being received as you intended.

When you make a donation, you will be able to verify your donation instantly and no matter how small is your donation,it is trackable to the charity. With Secure Donation Token, your donation is safe and rapid! Donation with Secure Donation Token is the safest way! No credit card, no personal information is needed. Therefore, you have zero risk of identity theft, credit theft, or any theft at all!