Scroll Token (SCRL) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

The Diamond Standard of Blockchain Data

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Status: ended
Public sale: 06 Apr`18-31 May`18
Cap: 20 000 ETH
(6 158 600 USD)
Goal: 2 500 ETH
(769 825 USD)
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Scroll Token

About Scroll Token

Scroll: Blockchain Meets Business

Blockchain is a disruptive technology and since Satashi Nakamoto highlighted the potential advancements of a digital currency everyone has been attentive to improving the technology. SoluTech’s Scroll Network advances the current capabilities of blockchain today to adapt the tech for enterprise use.

Blockchain’s adoption in business has been blocked due to expensive transactions, public nature of records and the limitation of only being able to add blocks on a Blockchain. In addition, the expensive gas costs accompanied with complex data storage and the slowdown in the network’s response time to a rapidly growing user base made Blockchain seem unattainable for any industry use.

The Scroll Network supplies a Blockchain technology that processes transactions fast for a fraction of a penny, secures data, and scales automatically as the size of the user base increases. The Scroll Network readies Blockchain for business.

If you know us from SlideDrive...

SoluTech’s mission remains in all our products to remove limitations and allow for secure and seamless data transfer providing autonomy to the end user. This is also true for SlideDrive, the personal consumer solution which is a complement to our enterprise software. Learn more by visiting the SlideDrive page to see how SoluTech innovates the typical peer to peer technology used today. Subscribe to ScrollFeed and receive more information on SlideDrive’s availability.

SoluTech is here to promote innovation and technological advancement to solve tomorrow's problems today. Support us and other businesses already on the Scroll Network by learning more or purchasing Scroll Tokens: Sign up for our Mailer list to receive updates, reminders and stay informed on all facets of the Scroll Network during our upcoming Scroll Token crowd-sale.