Scanetchain team

updated 20 August 2018

Scanetchain develops the first commercialized AR dApp based on NEM Platform providing simple APIs to integrate with various companies

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Status: ended
Public sale: 10 Aug`18-10 Sep`18
Cap: 120 895 ETH
(32509874.45 USD)
Goal: 201 491 ETH
(54182944.81 USD)
Price: 1 SWC = 0.00020 ETH
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    David Ham
    Victor Yang
    James K Jeong
    Sonny Kwon
    Chief Media Officer
    ByungKi Hong
    DongHyun Lee
    APP Development
    JiWoong Park
    Commercial server Develoment
    ChulHo Jung
    Development of Realtime Streaming Server
    SangIl Kim
    Vincent Lee
    Designer / Art Director
    Cynthia Lee
    Planning Manager
    Alex Lee
    Planning Manager
    ChualSeung Lee
    Platform Structure Planner
    Aaron Kang
    App Development
    Peter Kim
    App Development
    Roy Kim
    Server Developer
    John JS Park
    Business Development Team
    Chan-sik Ahn
    Advisor / HMP LAW Partner Lawyer
    Advisor / Asia Innovations Group CEO
    Will O'Brien
    Advisor / Crypto Expert/High Growth Tech Executive /Angel Investor
    Alex Lightman
    Advisor / CEO of TokenCommunities Plc