Saiterm (SAIEX) ICO

updated 31 January 2019

Saiterm will be incorporated to produce and distributing heating systems. The development of this system is SPRING, offering a derivative that exploits cutting-edge financial and industrial tech's.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Dec`18-10 May`19
Cap: 50 000 000 USD
Goal: 1 000 000 USD
Price: 1 SAIEX = 1 USD
Blockchain: Ethereum
Offering type: Utility
Country: Netherlands
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Thanks to over thirty years of experience and the creativity of our technical staff, right from the start we have been able to dominate as leaders in the technology in the interior heating sector and also in some industrial applications, in particular, for the finishing and drying cycles of leathers, with extraordinarily efficient and innovative results. This has been possible thanks to the harmonious and productive coexistence of completely different mindsets and experiences.
Different, yet with a lot in common, such as a vision for the future, and the will to face and overcome the challenges it may present, and at times, even anticipating them, as in the case of Spring and Radiant, our current primary technologies. Our team’s expertise in specific sectors, as well as their energy and the ability to innovate, allows us to very different needs in the best possible way.
In fact, the ideas that prevailed during the development phases of our heating products belonged to those most concerned about living comfort, energy efficiency and design.
With this aim to contribute to well-being, it was improved to fit its environment and in efficiency. When the products for industrial sectors were developed, the prevailing idea at Saiterm was one sensitive to work, productivity, profit margin and employee safety, while also focusing on simplicity and comfort for the user.


What is Saiterm?

Saiterm will be incorporated to produce and distributing heating systems. The development of this system, that will be produced by Saiterm, is called SPRING, offering a derivative that exploits cutting- edge financial and industrial technologies, to produce and distribute an extremely sought-after product, as absolutely necessary and that responds to future global needs in terms of energy efficiency and well-being for humans.


Our goals:

ObjectivesExampleThe main objective of Saiterm is to contribute to well-being, it was improved to fit its environment and inefficiency. 
We aim to develop cutting-edge technology products, designed to reduce energy consumption and emissions.


Why we chose blockchain?

Through the blockchain platform, we will use our infrared heating technology to let consumers cutdown the consumption of energy and emission of carbon from industrial and domestic usages.

The production process will be completely automated in order to guarantee the distribution of 20,000 initial pieces, to take us through the following 5 years, to at least 800,000 pieces per year. This is to cope only partially with the global demand for efficient heating systems. Suffice it to say that already a 90 square meters apartment, consisting of 5 rooms, will need to install at least 5 units of Saiterm Spring. Considering the economic advantage of the purchase, as well as the very high savings obtained with the reduction of energy consumption, we can consider 800,000 panels a year an absolutely conservative and limited estimate. In fact, with 800,000 panels divided by 5 rooms, only 160,000 apartments in the world can be set up. The direct investments in the project will be made by purchasing Saiterm Spring options, and this will guarantee the independence of the initiative from multinationals in the sector, large companies and banks. The financial instrument used to launch will be the Saiex Coin on the Ethereum Blockchain.

With blockchain, we believe to obtain more transparency, greater traceability, increased efficiency and speed, as well as reduced costs, with the aim to reduce electricity bills.



Saiterm Token (SAIEX) is the utility token that governs access to the different services available on the Saiterm platform. SAIEX is compatible with the ERC20 standard, and there are continual updates on its smart contract to ensure a fixed price (1 SAIEX = 1 USD).

SAIEX Tokens will be traded on Exchange and since our sector is in continuous expansion, and it is expected to continue growing in the next few years, we expect its value to increase over time. It will be very easy to pay for our products using SAIEX Tokens. This will make SAIEX Tokens a popular currency in all markets around the world. Additionally, if the Company is eligible for IPO, it is possible to exchange SAIEX Tokens with Company shares.



Homeowners will soon be able to cut their electricity bills using breakthrough infrared heating technology by Saiterm. Based in Amsterdam, our tech company design heating products with the long-term goal of reducing domestic energy consumption and carbon emissions.