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Safein is a decentralized blockchain-based identity management platform. 

Cap:21 000 000 USD
Goal:3 000 USD
Price:7 USD = 100 tokens
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Safein is planning to be a fully licenced EU electronic money institution with the ability to receive and process payments in full compliance with the law. Users will be able to hold their crypto and fiat currency in a single wallet as well as convert them from one to another. Major crypto currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum ERC20 tokens, and other popular cryptocurrencies will be supported. Currency exchange functionality, for crypto and fiat, will be standard for all currencies with 0.5% markup from the best available rate in the market. Having an EU electronic money institution (EMI) licence will allow Safein to connect to the SEPA network and give IBAN codes to all of our users. Having that available, Safein will be one step closer to becoming a standard instrument for daily use. Additionally, Safein plans to have payment cards linked to users’ accounts, so users will be able to use their Safein accounts daily both online and offline.

For user, Safein means:

  • No more registrations in multiple websites
  • No more waiting to get KYC done for each site / ICO;
  • Enhanced privacy, cybersecurity and data protection;
  • Revolutionary referral program with token rewards


Safein provides a unique solution for both users and merchants. Users will be able to login into websites directly with no registrations. The Safein account will at the same time provide merchants with the information necessary for client acceptance and service provision. For example, if a user is signing in to a forum, the forum usually only needs to know user’s display name or some unique identifier enabling it to separate the user from others. In this case, Safein would not disclose data like user’s full name, address, etc. Instead, it will only provide the forum with the required username. On the other hand, should the same user be buying a physical book, additionally, the merchant would be provided with user’s full name and address for shipping. Despite this, the user will have full control of his data at all times, always seeing what information is being requested by the merchant and giving a clear consent to such transfer up front.