Roburst Network roadmap

updated 14 March 2018

The next generation of cashless payment.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 24 Feb`18-24 Apr`18
Cap: 5 000 BTC
(41 004 850 USD)
Goal: 1 000 BTC
(8 200 970 USD)
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  • Pre-sale stage starts.

    Pre-sale stage is open. To join Pre-sale, investors need to complete the whitelist registration provided by Roburst Network.

  • Pre-sale ends, ICO stages start.

    Summary of the Pre-sale event, then move onto next stage: the ICO stage.

  • ICO stages end.

    Summarize all stages with sales and unsold coins.

  • Coin distribution date.

    Main net launches as well as the coin will be distributed to investors' wallet.

  • Listed on Trading sites.

    Roburst Coin now lives on multiple trading sites (at least 5 sites including internal trading site: Roburst Trading Bot).

  • RoburstBridge 2.0 deployment.

    First deployment of RoburstBridge 2.0, with the allowance of sidechain creating, transferring crosschain, improvments on security, speed,..

  • First ATM in LA.

    With the help of RoburstBridge 2.0, the first Roburst Coin ATM will be available in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Development of RoburstBridge 3.0.

    Starting the process of development the next version of RoburstBridge 3.0, including implement the Lightning Network.

  • Roburst Coin ATM worldwide deployment.

    We aim to deploy over 300 ATMs worldwide, first in major cities around the world.

  • Allowance of public sidechain creating.

    Everyone can now create their own cryptocurrency based on Roburst Network.

  • Roburst E-commerce website launches.

    Roburst Network's E-commerce website that only accepts Roburst Coin.

  • Worldwide Roburst Network event.

    First world-wide event held by Roburst Network that summarizes a year in work with Roburst Network.