updated 19 September 2018

Crypto Sports Betting And Exchange

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Feb`18-30 Jun`18
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Price: 1 RAC = 0,02 USD
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About RoBET

RoBET is the first platform natively based on the Ethereum blockchain, and designed to create an innovative 'Betting Exchange' able to enhance the use of smart contracts and blockchain to facilitate the birth and growth of a professional, transparent, and sustainable ecosystem of sports betting. The platform is also integrated with an Artificial Intelligence engine designed to support the needs of players and bookmakers.

In RoBET, the players can choose to bet using the RAC tokens or others digital currencies. Alternatively, the players can open their own mini digital agency and then have their own account promoted to be a “Bookie”. In this respect, the use of the smart contract enables also the possibility to share the bookie wallet and gaming strategies with other partners, with which to propose custom odds to all the players of the RoBET platform.

The system elaborates odds and forecasts on a daily basis using its predictive tools (RAC AI platform) based on both a large database of odds and bets obtained from the main international bookmakers and the information generated by the platform itself - even at the level of each mini digital agency -, as if it were a real right node of a decentralized ecosystem.

Finally, RoBET is also a digital multi-cryptos wallet able to guarantee the management of the entire betting process using digital currencies. As a unique and innovative feature, RoBET also offers the possibility to exchange, passing through one or more sports bets, one cryptocurrency into another at a very low transaction fee.

All services offered by RoBET will be accessible in exchange for RAC tokens, we designed a great deal of new services which will be release to the public at the end of the ICO: a) robot betting advices; b) custom advices based on user-defined objectives; c) custom advices based on user-specified preferences and suggestions; d) statistical analysis; e) gaming services whereby a player can beat the RoBot AI; f) new Betting exchange services whereby each player can create a custom sportsbook and became a bookmaker; g) participation in other sportsbooks; h) propose new odds and new kind of bets; and i) also, at least, two new skill games based on sport events in which users can use RAC tokens, or other cryptocurrencies, to play against each other.

RoBET is the last exciting product of RoboAdivorCoin (RAC) which incorporates three main products: Financial RoboAdvisor, Crypto RoboAdvisor and Betting RoboAdvisor namely RoBET; all these products are powered by our artificial intelligence algorithms and they all are at an advanced business development.

With this ICO we mainly aim to finalize and improve the services offered by our products. All the RAC platform services will be exclusively available in exchange for RAC tokens. Upon completion of the ICO, only RAC token holders will be able to access our products and services in exchange for RAC tokens.