Robo Advisor Coin roadmap

updated 19 September 2018

Robo Advisor for crypto-currencies

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Status: ended
Public sale: 20 Apr`18-21 May`18
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  • 2013 - Start

    Birth of our Artificial Intelligence Project after a successful trial in the B2B world with two financial institutions.

  • 2014 - First platform release

    Constant R&D results in our team improving the AI algorithm and developing an advanced IT platform

  • 2015 - Virtual portfolios

    Our platform starts to simulate automated assets allocation proposals, namely Robo-portfolios.

  • 2016 - RoboAdvisor for all

    In April our platform begins generating and sending out automated reports and weekly news articles including stocks market analysis and forecasts.

  • Early 2017 - MVP (self-funded)

    In August, we became the first Robo-Advisor engine able to offer simple forecasts related to crypto-currencies and tokens. The current platform is already functioning and the idea of the ICO is to take our service to a next level which allows us to become a world-leading provider of on-demand forecasts and analytics for global markets and crypto-currencies.

  • Late 2017 - ICO

    Our priority after the token launch will be to expand our Team to improve the expertise and operations in the Robo-Advisory domain. We intend to attract the most talented and accomplished personnel currently available in relevant areas including: Blockchain, Machine Learning, Fintech industries and Financial Markets.

  • 2018 - 2019

    Development depending on raised funds in ICO.