rLoop roadmap

updated 18 October 2018

rLoop is building a platform to decentralize the creation, scrutiny, and development of high-impact technology.

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Status: upcoming
Public sale: TBA-TBA
Cap: 200 000 ETH
(53 270 000 USD)
Goal: 28 000 ETH
(7 457 800 USD)
Price: 1 RLP = 0.0008 ETH
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  • rLoop Founded

    rLoop Founded off of reddit

  • "Best Non-Student Design"

    rLoop awarded "Best Non-Student Design" from SpaceX at World's First Hyperloop Design Competition

  • "Best Hyperloop Design, Drama, Excitement"

    rLoop awarded "Best Hyperloop Design, Drama, & Excitement: Best Architectural Design & Presentation" from ASITE and Dubai Futures Foundation

  • "Pod Innovation Award"

    rLoop awarded "Pod Innovation Award" from SpaceX at World's first Hyperloop Competition

  • Static Levitation

    rLoop's Prototype becomes first Hyperloop vehicle to demonstrate static levitation in vacuum of Hyperloop tube.

  • Pressure Vessel Sustains Human Life

    rLoop's prototype becomes first Hyperloop vehicle with pressure vessel tested at vacuum and rated capable of sustaining human life .

  • rFlight

    rFlight founded as project of rLoop, to create a personal flight device allowing users to experience true flight. A motorcycle for the sky.

  • rBridge

    rBridge founded as project of rLoop, to connect the virtual engineering community with makers and manufacturers around the world.

  • Hyperloop Urban Analyses

    Preliminary Hyperloop urban analyses and feasibility study begins: Medina to Mecca, and Manchester to Sheffield

  • Public Hyperloop Demonstration

    rLoop publicly demonstrates rPod levitation at Future of Making Things Conference hosted by Autodesk University, to over 10,000 attendees.

  • Network UX/UI R&D

    rLoop Network UX/UI research and design commences

  • Full Scale Vehicle Analysis

    Full scale Hyperloop vehicle analysis and design begins

  • rLoop Presents at HARP LoopTransport

    5 technical presentations at the 1st HARP International Conference on Hyperloop Transportation and Related Technologies.

  • MVP Private Launch

    MVP of rLoop Network Private Launch

  • MVP Global Launch

    MVP of rLoop Network Public Launch. Target 2,500 Contributing Members

  • rBridge MVP Private Launch

    Minimal Awesome Product private launch, features Sign up, Profile, Quote, Offer, Training, Tracking. Target: 25 Makers

  • rLoop Network Project Ideation

    Project Ideation feature launch. Target: 3,000 contributing members

  • Hyperloop Test Facilities & Family Centre

    rLoop's Hyperloop Test facilities & Exhibition Family Centre opens. Defined business model for each commercial use case of the pod completed

  • rLoop Network Community Project Launch

    New community-driven project adopted by network for development. Platform target: 7,500 members

  • rBridge MVP Public Launch

    Minimal Awesome Product public launch, focus on collaboration. Communication via WebApp, target: 500 Makers

  • rLoop Network Developments

    Achieve minimum of 1 ‘Graduate’ project per annum, first rLoop Competition achieves first Major Milestone, Target: 15,000 members

  • Hyperloop Developments

    Half-scale prototype pod tested Detailed design review Testing & certification process begins Commercialization of peripheral technology

  • rBridge Developments

    Full version of WebApp release Focus: Co-create Extend with first rShop (Smart Factory) location Target: 10,000 Makers