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updated 13 May 2018

Marketplace for books and tutor services.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 May`18-31 Oct`18
Cap: 30 000 ETH
Goal: 4 500 BTC
Price: 1 RiseCoinToken = 60000 ETH
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RiseCoin ICO

Executive summary


At RiseCoin we believe that the students are the future, hence it is very essential for them to have the books and study material always available.


At present we have a traditional of way of supplying books to the students which is hard copies. Now this traditional way has a problem which is limited supply. Hence most of the students end up with no books. Now here we are not talking about the text books they get from their schools, colleges and universities, but the books students rely on, the most to get additional help. These books include old question papers and their solutions, most common questions and answers etc.


At present there is no solution to solve this scarcity of books. Hence we are planning to build a website and a mobile app to solve this problem. We plan to gain copy right of these books which are very limited in number in physical form and convert them into digital format. Now there are lots of web portals where books are sold. But there are hardly some which caters to the student genre. The ever growing population and increase in number of students every year create more demand. If we have to fulfill the demand we have to produce more paper which is not in abundance. Our solution is an easy way to solve this problem as well. There are huge number of smart phones and computers which are in use and not to mention now a day’s every youth has a smart phone.


With the help our coin students can purchase the books published by the publisher on our platform. Also the publisher will be paid in the form of RiseCoin.


Universities and colleges


If we just look at the number of universities in few asia pacific countries there are more than 1400 universities in these four countries alone.


Total no of Universities and colleges in India are 819

(Source - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_universities_in_India)


Total no of Universities and colleges in Indonesia are 238

(Source - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_universities_in_Indonesia)


Total no of Universities and colleges in Philippines are more than 200.

(Source - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_universities_and_colleges_in_the_Philippines)


Total no of Universities and colleges in Thailand are 167.

(Source - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_universities_and_colleges_in_Thailand)


Each university and college has hundreds of students in them. There are huge no of books produced each year for number of subjects which are studied in these universities. The demand for books and tutor services in the education sector is never ending. As the population grow the demand grows. Even if our platform is able to grasp a very small percentage of books for these student all over the world it will be a huge turn over. The easiest way to help these students with is with paper solution book which includes answer to previous year’s examination questions and answers. And this is just an example of books which is being produced in physical form and being distributed through various means. But if we are able to distribute this with the help of our platform in digital format it will be a boon for the students.


Platform for all


A. Students


Books and Test paper:- As we all know,  nowadays in this competitive world, students all through the year needs books that can help them in their studies, books they can refer too when they have confusion and need clarity. Before the exam students also need test papers for practice, which enlighten them more. They are also able to judge where they are going wrong, what correction they need to make and on which subject need to emphasis on. We do have traditional way for all i.e. Printed books, however it is not available for all and not so handy or user friendly and some time hard to find.


We at RiseCoin want to unlock the door so that everyone should be benefited and able to attain knowledge to built there bright future.


An Educational section by Publisher: - Will give students a platform that will have Books for them, by which they can acquire knowledge.


Test paper: - Where they can check their knowledge. They can correct themselves by getting right answers for every question.


Community: - We will also have community where students can consult with the experts.


B. Publisher:-


Publisher can make their books and knowledge base available here. They can sell Digital books and knowledge base without incurring any cost of printing and transportation. They will get bigger market place where they can directly deal with consumer.


This will be path breaking achievement for education sector where Publisher and students will have direct interaction.


Publishers will also publish test paper of previous years which will help the students to test their knowledge and practice for their exams.


Publisher can also get their books and knowledge materials digitalized from us so they can publish it and make it available for the students.


Our Objective is to build the bridge between knowledge acquirer and Knowledge provider and let them earn at the same time.


C. Community


We will have Community section where teachers and tutors can provide their services to the students, who wish to get assistance or help in their studies.


Teachers and tutors can keep their service free or can charge minimal fees for their assistance and guidance. For example


1) If I being student need assistance on a particular topic or a problem, I can choose from available tutor in the community any time and can get help on that topic.


2) If I am appearing for an entrance exam and want help, tips on how to clear the exam or how I can complete all questions in timely manner, I can get an advice from the Community which is only a click away from me or which is always in my hand through the APP.


Tutors and teachers will be benefited by sharing their knowledge on the APP at convince of their home and earning at same time.


D. Advertisers


As we all know if we have traffic on website or mobile application it can also be a good source for advertiser to advertise the products and services. On our platform advertiser could also advertise by paying us in RiseCoin. The profit will be distributed between us and the publisher of the content.


RiseCoin ICO Distribution



1.          Platform and Total supply


We have created our token on ERC-20 platform which runs on Ethereum Network. We have verified our contract on etherscan.io which can be seen on the link




All funding raised from the token sale will go into the development of education platform and putting our marketing efforts to help the token reach the vision we have for it.


Our total supply is 500 million RiseCoin

The name on the network is RiseCoinToken

The ticker for the same is RSCT


2.          Private Sale


We are doing private sale for seed funding and to kick start our project. This is only 5% of the total no coins which will not harm the market rate much however will be very profitable for those who invest in this stage.


3.          Pre ICO and ICO


Our pre ICO and ICO will be done in 4 stages. Below are the rates in ethereum for the same.

a.   Stage 1 – 10,000 RiseCoinToken = 1 Ethereum

b.   Stage 2 –   9,000 RiseCoinToken = 1 Ethereum

c.   Stage 3 –   8,000 RiseCoinToken = 1 Ethereum

d.    Stage 4 –   7,000 RiseCoinToken = 1 Ethereum


4.          Bounty


We have allocated 10% of total supply for our bounty program.


This 10% which is 50 million RiseCoin will be given to our community who help us grow and maintain our platform.


We have different types of bounty program which are mentioned below

a.   Referral

b.   Social Bounty

c.   Bugs finding Bounty


5.          Team


5% of the total supply will be distributed amongst our team.


6.          Company’s Future project


Only 20% of the tokens will be with the company for the future financial help to support our future projects.



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