Rewards Coin (REW) ICO

updated 17 July 2018

The 1st & only Crypto created and dedicated to buy/sell Airline Lounge Access & Flight upgrades, P2P. Our App is completed & Beta Testing.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 20 Jul`18-11 Aug`18
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
Price: 1 REW = 0.10 USD
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Rewards Coin - Buy/Sell Airline Lounge Access

Rewards Coin is designed for two kinds of people, those who have an accumulation of benefits from an Airline or Airline Alliance and those who do not have an accumulation of assets from an Airline or Airline Alliance. Our Rewards Coin and sophisticated Secure Mobile Application will bring both parties together in the form of a Geolocational based live Market Place where someone who for example travels constantly for Business and has access to a Business class lounge at an Airport, can through our Application advertise to sell that lounge access. Inversely, a person whom does not travel frequently and cannot afford a First or Business class ticket can now purchase from the seller in real time, within the safety of an Airport that lounge access for the fraction of a cost of the price of a First or Business Class ticket.

So, to summarize, we aim to connect travelers at Airports via our mobile application with an in-built wallet with send/receive and search for or place ads among other features where they can buy/sell access to lounges, using our geolocational application with encrypted user to user messaging system which also includes a trust/ratings system. 

Just like other coins are attempting to disrupt all major industries including banking and remittance services etc, Rewards Coin will disrupt the Airline industry, in the true spirit of Crypto giving power to the people and the ability to monetize or purchase something via a mechanism that has never before existed, until now! We believe that Rewards Coin is a kind of mesh of Airbnb, Uber, Craigslist and Tinder, all rolled into one with our application using various similar features that each of those products have, but with the addition of an ERC20 Wallet within the Application along with sophisticated algorithms created as custom software to enhance the users experience and ensure ease of transactions and safety.

The other benefit of Rewards Coin is people say there is never any "Every-day use Cryptos" well Rewards Coin is ready to go from day one the ICO finishes, we are currently beta testing the application now along with our custom built forums.

We also like to think we will bring hundreds if no hundreds of thousands of new users into Crypto because there are so many Millions who fly and are always looking for upgrades or deals, now we have provided that connection between those that have and those whom desire. 

Both parties can mutally benefit from a sale and this has never been created before, until now.