Restart Energy Democracy MWAT (MWAT) ICO

updated 02 January 2018

"Major EU energy company launches energy trading ecosystem. World's First Market-Ready Blockchain Energy Trading Platform.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 14 Jan`18-11 Feb`18
Cap: 30 000 000 USD
Goal: 30 000 000 USD
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Restart Energy Democracy worldwide expansion

Worldwide P2P and decentralized green energy ecosystem developed by multi-award winning independent energy company from the EU. A major breakthrough in the way energy is bought, sold, and consumed. RED MWAT Tokens are the backbone of the world’s first market-ready, blockchain-based energy trading ecosystem. RED-Platform allows producers to place energy for sale directly to consumers, using smart contracts on the blockchain.

After the launch of RED-P, Restart Energy will enter 45+ deregulated energy markets around the world, serving both household and SME consumer segments. 

Characteristics of RED ecosystem:

*Licensed EU Energy Provider

*Company with revenues and track record

*Existing substantial customer base

*Tokens containing energy at sale

*Tokens give access to Energy Franchise Business

*Job creating business ecosystem

*Agreements in place with energy producers for transferring energy to RED MegaWatt Token holders

*Provides a decentralized energy trading platform for P2P direct exchange

*Blockchain based Token and smart contracts

*Token can be used to settle energy bills

*Allows physical delivery of energy

*Allows energy producer to raise funds

*Global scalability of business model

*Deploys its own smart wifi meters

*Allows online switching of existing supplier

*AI based software for prediction of Solar energy production

*Token can be used by companies as reward to onboard new customers *Allows third party applications on its platform

Restart Energy Democracy Vision

As energy consumption is expected to double until 2030, the world is looking for new distributed energy development models to directly connect end users to producers to allow consumers direct access to accountable, cheaper energy and to provide producers with increased ROI, enabling a faster renewable energy deployment around the world. 

Our solution is a new ecosystem called Restart Energy Democracy, one that exists inside the current legislation in deregulated energy markets and that provides incentives for consumers, producers and local micro entrepreneurs or even other private suppliers to participate.

It's a system built on blockchain that virtually connect's energy consumers to energy producers (prosumers) with smart contracts so that they may trade directly under our supply license or under a different private suppliers license. Allowing consumers to virtually buy energy directly from producers reduces transaction risk and payment collection costs for the suppliers, creates higher revenues and a finance solution for producers and reduces the cost of energy for consumers while at the same time offering entrepreneurs the possibility to start their own power retail business with our franchise.

As we already have 30,000 customers we will have first mover advantage compared to all the other energy ICO's.

We have a world class team working on this project to make it a success.



One of the greatest projects out there, combining energy with crypto and growing in a worldwide, P2P and decentralized ecosystem.


1/3 of the Hard Cap($30mm) was rached already in hour 3 of Pre-Sale. Pre-Sale still running. Phenomenal potential! Great ICO


Green energy is the future tech it will get more demand and become really valuable I'm investing into this kind of project so that I have bookmark this thread.


RED project tries to unify the energy business with blockchain's advantages like: transparency, P2P Energy Trading and so on. Great great project! Hopes for a greener future!


I am very curious about the next progress, and I am very interested to join this project.


This Pre ICO is currently under the radar and is a BIG opportunity In my opinion. The future is bright.


This is a BIG Project!! Great Long Term Investment!


The conditions for joining the sale are optimum for all kinds of energy and crypro users alike.