REPU (Pre-Sale) (REPU) ICO

updated 15 October 2018

Smart reputation managment on blockchain

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Status: ended
Public sale: 10 Jun`18-18 Jun`18
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About REPU

Every year, social networks are gaining popularity, giving users the opportunity to communicate, exchange information, entertainment and just spend a free minute watching their friends. On the other hand, social networks have become a powerful tool for businesses when promoting their products/services by targeting the user audience.

The REPU system (shortened from English meaning – reputation) is a revolutionary project that allows you to completely rethink the way social networks are perceived. REPU is a rating and feedback system based on decentralized blockchain technology. Technology allows you to completely replace the system of “likes” with the rating - both for users and for companies. The rating, subsequently, can be used as an assessment tool in various areas of the individual’s life - starting with professional skills, financial stability, and ending with all possible aspects of behavior and interaction with the public.

Let us consider brief examples of using the rating in life:

Our goal is to change the way of perception and interaction among social network users, through the use of the rating system, as well as the way of managing the company’s reputation, by obtaining real business ratings from users. An important objective is also the possibility of assessing a person in terms of professional qualities for the subsequent employment. This eliminates the subjective opinion of the recruiter and the impact of the resume on employment.

On the other hand, the system provides a platform for evaluating individual companies / products / employees - any user of the system has the opportunity to provide rating with a review for each element of the business. Thus, business owners get an opportunity to analyze every single unit of their company, and also perform a flexible communication with their customers.

Public Pre-Sale: June 10-18, 2018

ICO: July 8 - August 8, 2018.