updated 18 August 2017

Distributed Access Management solution, replacing passwords with digital certificates.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 13 Feb`18-13 Mar`18
Cap: 20 000 000 USD
Goal: 1 500 000 USD
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What is REMME?

No more passwords — and no more break-ins. REMME is a solution to make passwords obsolete, thus eliminating the human factor from the authentication process. REMME is designed to facilitate and resolve access management by building the distributed Public Key Infrastructure protocol and the set of DApps on top of it.

Two key parts of the REMME solution are:

1) REMME PKI (d) protocol: uses a custom blockchain with Bitcoin anchoring and powered by nodes to assure the stability of the system. The REMME Protocol is distributed as open source code, so everyone can use it to build their own DApps through REMME SDK.

2) REMME DApps: REMME WebAuth, REMME Enterprise, and REMME for IoT will be developed during the first stage. REMME mail and REMME sign are planned to be developed during the future stages.

In addition, we offer users the option to use different 2FA (two factor authentication) options: through the most popular messenger apps for REMME WebAuth (no need to install additional apps) or using hard tokens and corporate mobile applications for REMME Enterprise (to meet internal security requirements).

REM token and blockchain usage

REMME uses blockchain technology to create a distributed certificate management system that has no single point of failure. And REM token is the superpower boosting the whole ecosystem, operating like a license or digital key and granting its holders access to REMME PKI and DApps.

Token holders will be able to use the REM token in a variety of ways: certificate generation, revocation, node creation, and fees covering conversion of fiat payments.

What are the incentives to operate a REMME node?

Each node operator must have a specific amount of tokens to be able to operate within the network. Every time there’s a need to generate a certificate for an end-user, nodes will be rewarded with REM tokens. The tokens provided as a commission that can be up to 90% of the certificate generation price.

Quick facts:

⚡️2 MVPs have been built so far: on top of Emercoin and Bitcoin blockchains

⚡️The winner of 2017 Microsoft Blockchain Intensive hackaton

⚡️5+ past pilot projects, and 60+ companies have applied to participate in 2018 Pilot Program.

⚡️Named as Hot Tech Innovator: Blockchain Based Cybersecurity by ABI Research

⚡️Raised on Public Pre-Sale: $1,8M