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RealCasino is a decentralized, distributed casino gaming platform.  

Cap:2 500 ETH
Goal:30 000 ETH
Price:1 ETH = 16000 tokens
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RealCasino is a decentralized, distributed casino gaming platform. RealCasino uses blockchain technology as the basis for provably fair randomly generated events. This means that players no longer have to trust that the house isn’t cheating. They can know it. In fact, by leveraging the power of Ethereum Smart Contracts, RealCasino essentially removes the “house” from casino gambling altogether.

With its ERC20 token called CHIP, RealCasino enables players to add and remove funds to and from the platform without the risk of their funds disappearing. Funds are stored in the same secure and immutable way as top cryptocurrencies.

On RealCasino’s platform, players make bets that are picked up by individual nodes or a consortium of nodes, enabling very large bets by allowing risk to be sufficiently spread. Bets are essentially smart contracts that, once made, are immutable in the same way as all blockchain transactions.

In addition to the many advantages brought by blockchain technology, RealCasino ‘s mobile-ready platform provides an immersive experience across an extensive catalogue of highly stylized games that have the graphics, sound and speed of existing casinos. RealCasino’s platform is optimized for ease of use and entertainment.