updated 01 January 2018

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Public sale: 07 Feb`18-07 Mar`18
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Ravelous is a crypto-commerce platform intended to make buying and selling items online in exchange for cryptocurrency simple and secure. It is made to help people buy and sell products for crypto so that they can acquire coins without having to invest their fiat money. It is a platform that brings together the security & trust systems of the darknet markets along with the ease of use & familiarity of the clearnet. By making cryptocurrency more accessible to the average audience, we target to spread the usage and adoption of cryptocurrencies beyond trading and long term holding.

Right now, there are three main type of people in the crypto community.

Options 1 and 2 make the most sense for people with enough disposable income to spend on flipping coins, or to use for long term crypto investments. But for the people who want secure profitable assets in form of crypto coins without investing fiat or local currency, option 3 comes to the rescue. With Ravelous, we want to provide users a medium to avail option 3 by building a simple and easy to use platform where users can create shops ands listings and efficiently increase their holdings.

The RAVE token is used as an intermediary for product sales when the buyer does not have the seller’s coin of choice. Sellers can also choose to accept RAVE because of its trustability, verifiability, and reliability. Our platform is based on the gold standard principle to create a stable foundation (treasury & reserve) for our token, RAVE. Our treasury will be strengthened by many higher valued coins helping to minimize risk, and loss of treasury value.