Rateonium (RTC) ICO

updated 31 July 2018

Rateonium is the first in the world blockchain powered anonymized rating platform for users and businesses

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Status: ended
Public sale: 31 Jul`18-31 Jul`18
Cap: No info
Goal: 84 234 ETH
(22793720.4 USD)
Price: 1 RTC = 0.0000182 ETH
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About ICO

Rateonium revolutionizes the way we rate by creating a decentralized application that is extremely easy to use. However, ease of use is merely the beginning of many advantages that Rateonium brings both to users and companies with its unique rating system.

Secured by the blockchain, in Rateonium ratings are fair, transparent and trustworthy.

The mission of Rateonium is to create a worldwide rating system that will only have fair and reliable ratings, rewarding users for sharing their feedback and opinions with cryptocurrency.



The project bring transparency, continence and efficiency to empower charity and high impact to econmer industry. I saw strong team and global big influencer in the advisory board. Wish the project very success.


strong team, Interesting project, Keep watching it.