Railz (RLZ) ICO

updated 25 April 2018

A language for robot conversations Railz is a blockchain-based next-generation protocol for a trillion machines to talk and negotiate

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Status: ended
Public sale: 02 Jul`18-23 Jul`18
Cap: 100 000 ETH
Goal: 6 200 ETH
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A language for robot conversations

The Railz protocol has a focused use case, enabling these IoT devices to reach Machine Negotiated Consensus as described in our Technical Yellow Paper. The Railz protocol enables the capabilities of IoT devices to be massively extended, NOTE we are not attempting to be a ‘me too’ or ‘go faster’ version of BTC or ETH.

Our White Paper sets out the value impact of billions of IoT devices being able to negotiate and trade more effectively and the impact this will have on the global economy with links to detailed explanations from firms such as ARM Holdings, Cisco & McKinsey on how this is a true ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ in the making.”



Railz is offering a protocol that will be essential for other tech advancements to build on, this is important stuff.