Quixxi (QXE) ICO

updated 05 September 2018

Nextgen Solutions for Nextgen Opportunities

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Status: ended
Public sale: 22 Feb`18-17 Apr`18
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About Quixxi

Rapid development and increased application of blockchain technology represents a significant opportunity and risk for application developers, who will need to incorporate this new technology to drive competitive advantage.

In order to address this opportunity, the next evolution of the Quixxi Platform is a range of blockchain modules that will unite community blockchain experts and software developers. The platform will enable libraries and both blockchain and non-blockchain services that offer high-end security and analytics features for software developers.

Software developers will be able to incorporate service modules into their applications to access the latest blockchain technologies without the burden of acquiring expertise in back- end blockchain processes. Modules such as the Token Creator and the ERC20 Agent will allow developers to issue and manage virtual currencies from within their applications, providing new ways to engage customers and achieve accounting efficiency.

Other modules will be used to incorporate state-of-the-art decentralized blockchain data- storage services into applications. Blockchain service modules will be developed in-house by Quixxi or contributed by external (i.e. community) developers.

The security and analytics modules available in the Quixxi marketplace have already been adopted by thousands of developers. The addition of new blockchain modules will enable developers to access blockchain capabilities and services without the need to build internal expertise – drastically reducing time to market, lowering costs, improving experiences and accelerating revenue.