Quifas (QFS) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

A Cryptocurrency Exchange Built for the People

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Status: ended
Public sale: 06 Apr`18-07 May`18
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About Quifas

The high volatility of the cryptomarket allows investors and traders to draw enormous profits. This attracts a stable flow of new “players”. As a result, the number of users on cryptocurrency exchanges is always increasing. Besides that, new cryptoassets are emerging on a regular basis. Since the introduction of the blockchain, their growth has become exponential.

As a result of increase in trading demand, many cryptocurrency exchanges are not capable of handling the increasing volume, especially during peak times. Others are losing their competitive edge in light of changing market conditions.

News outlets regularly stream information about problems of different crypto exchanges. The main issues that exchanges experience are:

  • Scalability difficulties.
  • Poor protection from hackers.

At the same time, cryptoinvestors and traders suffer. The main issues that they face are:

  • Difficulties with registering on exchanges.
  • Low quality and service speeds.
  • Limited liquidity.

Solving these issues is the primary task of the new Quifas cryptocurrency exchange. We are developing a quality solution that allows for 2.5 million transactions per second. There are no registration limitations on the Quifas exchange. All user queries will be solved as fast as possible and in a language comfortable to users.

In addition, Quifas cares for the security of its users and is taking all of the necessary measures in order to protect their funds. Our specialists will monitor the system, root out, and prevent hacks on our exchange.

For increased convenience, we are creating mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. They will allow cryptocurrency traders to gain profits regardless of their current location.

Quifas Mission – to allow anyone, from any part of the world to carry out secure cryptoasset transactions in just a few clicks.

Quifas eliminates the short fallings of existing solutions and brings its own innovative solutions to the market. This will allow it to take its place amongst market leaders and get ahead of competitors.

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