Project Laya / Laya Lending (Laya Token) ICO

updated 05 January 2018

Laya is a decentralized Crypto Currency for Remittance & Lending to anywhere in the world.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 08 Jan`18-08 Feb`18
Cap: 4 400 000 USD
Goal: 1 000 000 USD
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What is Laya?

Laya is a decentralized Crypto Currency for Remittance to anywhere in the world. The Technology behind Laya is based on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Laya Token was developed by experienced Bitcoin Pioneers and Blockchain Experts. Laya is not a simple crypto currency just like thousands of others flooding on the market, it is backed up by multiple Business Concepts. Our Management called it “Project Laya”.

Our vision is to create branding with liquidity. A brand for everyone that will merge well with the crypto currency sector. Our target is to bring crypto currency to the mainstream, turn a niche to the whole world! The biggest problem each crypto currency have is that, it is often so complicated to handle. Secondly, altcoins are often not useable or sustainable enough to keep it alive! Do you know that 95% of all current traded crypto currency will dry out in the next 5-10 years? This is a sad statistic.

Our Development team analyze daily new upcoming crypto currency and they found out that over 80% of them still doing the same mistake like everyone else before. There is no real value behind it! They don’t think outside the box. No Concept => No Value. No Use => No Value.

This makes our own Project Laya unique. We learned over 5 years from the Blockchain niche and now, we can proudly present to you not just an ordinary crypto currency, but a total complete solution. You can read all about Project Laya in the following pages.

Please take note that we upload every month a new updated version of our Whitepaper. Our Management is continuously developing daily project to make sure that we always provide the best services and experiences. It is our pleasure to share our innovations to the world! 

The Billion-Dollar Pawn Shop Industry

The Billion-Dollar Pawn Shop Industry Philippines is one of the Countries in Asia with the most number of Pawn Shops. There isno other Country that pawning or lending for a loan is more popular as in the Philippines. Most of the Filipinos even prefer a Pawnshop more than a Bank when it comes to lending and borrowing money.

That is one of the reason, why the pawning industries already hit over 2,3 Billion USD in revenue just in the Philippines. Micro Lending a good Opportunity for both, the lender and the borrower bridge difficult times, on the other side, there are also many Black Sheep (mostly Foreigner) .They offered them extremely high lending fees of 20% or more per month. Imagine, that is over 240% fee per year! They called it “Five-Six”, and is well-known all over the Philippines.

The Definition of “Five-Six” is when a Person barrows $5 and have to pay them back $6 within a month. The Philippine Government already tried since early 2017 to ban the “Five-Six” Business, to protect people to encumber with debts, but it is almost impossible to control it all. The Most Horrible thing is that, this is not a problem in Philippines alone, we have the same problem in every other Development country around the world.

Our Solution called Laya Lending

Our Team studied long time for a solution and finally we found a proven system that works! We created a person-to-person (P2P) lending platform project, based on the newest Blockchain Technology. We called it Laya-Lending. Our Platform guarantees a zero fee lending experience and we even give everyone who lends someone, our own currencies as a daily reward and it will be distributed instantly to their wallet! 

The Oversea (Worker) Remittances

How does traditional Oversea Remittances work? Person A goes to an authorized Western Union / Money Gram Partner, filled a complicated application form and stand in average 10-15minutes in the line, because most of transactions are made in the last 3 days of the months (incoming salary) and that’s why remittance center are often full. After successful transaction, the recipent can pick up the money of the remittance with a unique code in a nearby Pawn Shop. Why Pawn Shops? Because most of them are authorized Western union and Money Gram partner. Another reason, is that over 2 Billion people around the world do not own a Bank Account. They even pick up their local salary trough Pawn shop.

However, what happens now exactly with your deposit money, When you use these remittance service provider, you spend incredible high fees and are forced to use an unsatisfactory exchange rate. Why? Because two authorized Partners plus the Headquarter are earning from it. Partner A earns commission from your deposit, the Headquarter earns from the exchange rate and Partner B earns from picking up the money. Imagine the revenue of Western Union reached 460 Million USD per Month and the monthly revenue from Money Gram already hit over 100 Million USD. Project Laya found way to be the best alternative of this Business Niche and will provide even an easier, cheaper and better services than these two giants! Stay stuned!