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Project Districts

is a 3D virtualized real-time environment based on a synergistic manipulation of VR technology and the blockchain. 

Cap:37 500 000 USD
Goal:4 500 000 USD
Price:0.15 USD = 1 tokens
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Introducing the coin of the future — 3DCoin

3Dcoin is the gateway to the limitless universe of Districts. It is a peer-to-peer crypto-currency, and like the Districts, its source code is based on blockchain infrastructure. The advantages of 3Dcoin over traditional means of fulfilling contracts is immeasurable. For one, it’s totally anonymous, free from the laser-eyed gaze of regulatory bodies and executed independently of financial institutions or any third party for that matter. What this means is that 3Dcoin is not only devoid of the increasingly high transaction fees, but also practically impermeable to hacks and breaches.

Redefining VR technology

Districts bring the most vivid and intricate utopian dreams of its users to life. The platform utilizes tier one VR technology to create a boundless virtual reality ecosystem, where real-life elements like houses cars and playgrounds merge with conceptualized fantasies — it is essentially the ultimate playground for creative minds. Districts integrates movement options and communication channels to facilitate user-to-user and user–to-interface interactions, suffice it to say that the experience is as realistic as can be. The technology and framework for the implementation of other more sophisticated VR augmentations have been already hard-wired into the platform, what remains is official integration designated to go live in the nearest future.

Into the future with Districts

Districts is not just another blockchain based internet of things application; it is an all-encompassing digital solution geared to revolutionize the way basic and complex tasks are effectuated in real time. Its immense number of applications position it as a major contender for the next wave of disruptive innovation emerging from the blockchain tech sphere. As of today, project district has already gone through the first round of bounty campaign, which was by far a tremendous success. The second round is scheduled by October 15; it will be shortly followed by an initial coin offering on the first day of November. The culmination of all this will be the official launch of the mega project Districts.