Privatix (PRIX) ICO

updated 30 August 2017

First Internet Bandwidth Marketplace powered by P2P VPN Network on Blockchain

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Status: ended
Public sale: 19 Oct`17-16 Nov`17
Cap: 57 142 ETH
Goal: 3 350 ETH
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What is Privatix Network?

Decentralized and 100% autonomous P2P VPN Network on blockchain with the first Internet bandwidth marketplace powered by own crypto-economy

How it works?

Any user can sell his spare or idle Internet broadband to the Network and get paid for it instantly with crypto. The payments come from buyers, who purchase the bandwidth via third-party applications or directly.

Proof of concept products

Privatix will create and run several network-based products in order to demonstrate to entrepreneurs and developers how they can use the new platform in a number of innovative ways

Cross-platform VPN service powered by blockchain

Decentralized VPN based on the Privatix Network will allow you to surf between millions of exit nodes at the best available speed and use advanced modified VPN connections that are undetectable by DPIs and remain 100% anonymous. If you choose to be a peer in the network, you will be able to pay for it by sharing your traffic with other users. If you get more traffic than you give, you will have to pay the difference. Vice versa the difference will be paid to you.

Privatix.Agent - software for exit nodes owners

The primary component of the Privatix Network allows users to join the network and start selling their internet bandwidth. Privatix.Agent will be developed for all popular platforms in order to cover major operational systems.

Advanced Proxy / Socks selling API platform

When the Privatix Network is established, it will contain hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of exit nodes and most of them will have residential IP-addresses. For thousands of companies and businesses, residential proxies are a vital and also scarce resource. Our product will include an advanced API that will allow anyone to rent proxies (traffic) of Privatix Network Agents in a convenient and easy way.

Decentralized CDN on blockchain

Classic CDN today is a very profitable business. However, content is becoming heavier, and more expensive, because of the popularity of HD videos, games and streaming content. The average price for content delivery today is $0.05 - $0.30 per GB. We believe that the Privatix Network will allow slashing prices 5 or even 10 fold. The main condition for this is a large number of exit nodes in the network.

Privatix.BOX - portable VPN router

This is an advanced DD-WRT router with a pre-set configuration that allows connecting to the Privatix Network as a bandwidth seller or a buyer without installing special software. Also Privatix.BOX allows to share VPN-protected connection via Wi-Fi. The device is particularly useful for travelers. We plan to produce these devices in partnership with a suitable manufacturer.


Freedom as a Service (FaaS) - this concept is the driving force behind Privatix.FAAS. Our goal is to create powerful SDKs that will let developers stop worrying whether their app will be blocked in some country or not. Privatix will provide a mobile SDK that is easy to integrate into a mobile application or software and gives developers the ability to send the traffic via the Privatix Network’s secure Agents’ proxies, ensuring users always have secure and private access to their applications and are never blocked.


The most popular monetization methods are paid subscription and ad placement. Both methods always lead to a huge outflow of users, and a decrease in virality as users do not like to pay or watch ads. Privatix.Monetize will offer developers an SDK that will help to monetize their apps without ads or paid content using the following scheme. Users install the app, which registers in the Privatix Network as an "exit node" and starts selling idle bandwidth while the developer gets the payment for the traffic.

Who stands behind Privatix?

Our team has an established record of creating successful internet services in the VPN and cyber security arena for more than 10 years. We have the proven ability to develop amazing products and run successful internet businesses.

Token sale Bonuses

8,000,000 PRIX will be offered during the Token Sale with 5% to 40% bonuses. A special bonus of 40% will be offered during the first 48 hours of the crowdsale. Then the bonuses will decrease every week. The maximum duration of Token Sale is four weeks. If hard cap of 57,142 ETH is reached earlier we will stop the sale. If we reach soft cap of 3,350 ETH and the period is over, unsold tokens will be burned. If we don’t reach soft cap of 3,350 ETH we will refund payments to the Token Sale contributors.