updated 01 January 2018

Bridging The Gap

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Nov`17-01 Dec`17
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Our team has over a decade’s worth of experience in music, entertainment, social media and digital marketing. We have collaborated and worked with some of the most influential businesses in the world including Virgin Records, Red Bull, Bloomberg, The Chamber of Commerce and the BBC (TV & Radio) - to name a few. We will utilise our knowledge, skills and resources to add value to the crypto market space which we believe has a firm place in a decentralised future.

We will operate in three key areas:

  • Power Media – Providing social media and digital marketing services to build more awareness of cryptocurrencies.
  • Power Hub - Development of a user friendly app that will act as a social media hub and help filter the vast amount of information available to those entering the crypto market and to those already operating within it.
  • Power Play – A multimedia entertainment streaming platform using Ethereum smart contract technology. Power Play will be designed to put new and emerging talent shoulder to shoulder with established artists and household names - ultimately attracting more users and awareness to crypto.