PopulStay (PPS) ICO

updated 13 October 2018

The genuine home sharing community redesigned based on the blockchain technology

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Status: upcoming
Public sale: TBA-TBA
Cap: 50 000 ETH
Goal: 25 000 BTC
Price: 1 PPS = 0.01 USD
Blockchain: Bitcoin
Offering type: Utility
Country: Singapore
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Superior Guest Experience, Maximized Owner Profit


PopulStay is the next generation platform for hospitality management. The platform leverages on cutting-edge technologies from distributed and decentralized computing. BlockChain, IoT, Network Security and combines them with Artificial Intelligence to provide a solution where value provides and consumers are able to exchange value directly, efficiently and seamlessly.

Consequently, PopulStay has no commission for booking, and PopulStay requires strict Know Your Property and Know Your Customer before being added to the platform.

Populstay, however, developed the worlds first genuine keyless blockchain-based smart lock and its associated chips. The door locks are managed through a smart contract. The owner of the door lock can determine, who can use the door lock and access the property during which period, and the user of the door lock needs to confirm the transaction of the door lock with a smart phone and gets authenticated first.

We are convinced that smart locks will revolutionize the sharing economy and even become the infrastructure for the future economy.