updated 08 March 2018

PMCoin, dwifunction ERC20 token backed by decentralized strategic investment platform, and as reliable source of learning in cryptocurrency

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Status: ended
Public sale: 16 Mar`18-31 Mar`18
Cap: 2 000 ETH
(536 760 USD)
Goal: 500 ETH
(134 190 USD)
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ICO PMCOIN CLUB did not provide their roadmap yet.

As soon as roadmap is provided it will appear here.

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Investors’ hint: a well-designed roadmap is a plus to project’s liability. Scanning ICO roadmap, pay attention to what has already been done, whether there is a working code, quarterly goals indicated, alpha, beta, zeta versions displayed and a product global perspective.



This project has two good idea. One of good platform to invest. There will be a good ecosystem for the token adoption where situation token in and out occurs. Liquidity should be high and the price will increase time to time as demand increase.


The concept seems to build value for the coins as an investment platform and generate profits for the holder and has a real and active business value beside providing educational knowledge to the holder and allow the business grow as a community unlike many other ICOs that do not have real or practical business and purely depend on speculative nature once listed on exchanges.